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 Our next meeting will take place at 1300 hrs. on Sunday 16 September 2018, at the Royal British Legion, Central Branch, 33 Rodney Street, Edinburgh.

General Service Medal 62 with Clasp South Arabia
On 16 September 2016, an e-mail was received from the Army Medal Office saying that those killed and wounded in Aden in 1965 would be entitled to the GSM as set out in Special Army Orders of 25 July 1966.

On January 2017 a letter was received from Major General Nitsch CBE to the effect that  the men of 300 Para Sqn RE could not be awrded the GSM because they had not served 30 days in theatre. Howver, he went on the say that the casualties of 300 Para Sqn RE had already received the GSM, which according to him, was always the case if killed or wounded in action. No medals had been awarded.

A letter dated 31 May 2018 from Lord Howe stated that members of 300 Para Sqn RE could not be awarded the GSM because they had not served 30 days in theatre.

On Monday 18 June 2018 a letter was received from the Army Medal Office intimating that the GSM would not be awarded to the casualties of 300 Para Sqn RE because the squadron was training in Aden/Radfan. Its a pity no one told the enemy that. This is the first time in all the letters received from the MoD that the word training has been used. They must have scraped the bottom of the barrel to find that loophole. They are now using any excuse not to award the casualties of 300 Para Sqn RE the GSM. The people in the Ministry of  Defence who made this decision should hang their heads in shame.

The Elizabeth Cross
In September 2010 Rhoda Lonergan, widow of WO2 John F Lonergan, who was killed in action at Al Milah, Radfan, Aden on 12 April 1965 was awarded The Elizabeth Cross.

The precise eligibility requirements issued by the Ministry of Defence are:

Those who died from whatever cause whilst serving on a medal earning operation. Medal earning operations are those in which deployed personnel received a Campaign Medal, General Service Medal or Operational Service Medal which demonstrated the risk and rigour involved. Operations where a UN, NATO or other international body or other nations' campaign medal was accepted for wear, in the absence of a UK medal also qualify.
Those who died as a result of an act of terrorism where the available evidence suggests that the Service person, whether on or off duty, was targeted because of his or her membership of the UK Armed Forces.
Those who died on a non-medal earning operational task where death has been caused by the inherent high risk of the task.
Those who died a subsequent and premature death as a result of an injury or illness attributed to the circumstances outlined above., was awarded The Elizabeth Cross.

According to The MoD WO2 Lonergan did not qualify for the GSM62 because he was only there for training. However, the first paragraph seems to imply that medallic recognition has been awarded to those killed in action. Are there any lawyers out there who can interpret the above?

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General Service Medal 62 with Clasp South Arabia.


Renaming Ceremony Kingsbury ARC to "Lonergan Lines"
12 April 2016.
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 2 Troop 300 Airborne Squadron R.E.
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