Airborne Engineers Association

RSM Docherty, Ronnie Drummond, Johnny Darling, Tom McAlpine, Gibby Earl others not known.Excercise in FranceCaptain mclachlain at St. Cyr. French Officers Trg. College"Big Mac", Harry Adams and Geoge Muir at Murrayfield Bailey Bridge.
L/Cpl Ronnie Drummond receiving his pay. In the days when we were paid with cash.Also in the picture Lt. Stewart and Sgt. Adams.On Board a Frigate -Cherbourg to Portland
Sgt. George Muir with some of 1 Troop posing for a picture having pushed the Double Single Bailey Bridge over the Water of Leith at Murrayfield.
300 Para. Sqn. constructing a Double Single Bailey Bridge over The Water of Leith, Murrayfield, Edinburgh  to assist with traffic during the Rugby Internationals. Circa late 50s early 60s.Bailey Brdge at MurrayfieldBailey Bridge at Murrayfield.WO2 Wimp Martin and S/Sgt Jack Harris
Outside 2 Troop Drill Hall, 28 York Place, Edinburgh circa late 50s. Cpl. Tom McAlpine on road. L to R on 3 tonner  Sappers Brian McKean, John Houliston, John Whitern, Bill Roberts and L/Cpl John Donaldson.
 Parachuting from Helicopters. Date and location not known.   
  Cpl. Brian McKean, possibly Cyprus 1963. Gordon McLeod and Andy Paterson and others manhandling a Heavy Ferry Trailer at Drip Camp circa 1964
Drawing parachutes at Barry Buddon
/Ssgt. Jack Braithwaite fitting a parachute and speaking to Len Pearson Danny Mailer, Gordon McLeod, J Todd W Hughes waiting for their turn to jump at Barry Buddon 1964/65Cpl. Dave McCamley tying off his nylon rope on CSPEP Barry Buddon
  Ssgt. Stewart  Smith and Ssgt. Jack Braithwaite at Barry Buddon Circa 1964  3 Troop Ballooning at Barry  Cpl. J. Cassidy and M.Doak 3Troop with S/Sgt. Jack Braithwaite PSI. at Barry Buddon 1964/65
   Sappers W. Hughes and P. Gallagher 3 Troop waiting their turn for their Balloon descent at Barry Buddon 1964/65.  SSM John Lonergan. APJI dutiesSSM John Lonergan. APJI duties 2  Gordon McLeod getting ready to dice at Barry Buddon
Sgt Brian McGarryParachuting at Barry Buddon 2    Parachuting at Barry Buddon  Hughie Craig chuted up at Barry Buddon
Gordon McLeod rolling up his parachute after his descent froom a Balloon.Cpl. Murray Barry BuddonSprs Mitchell,  Gallaher, lcpl Dunsmore unknown 2Ian McIntyre getting chuted up at Barry Buddon
3 Troop 300 Para. Squadron RE  Spr. Morrison 1 Troop LCpl.  Roy Wallace 3 Troop and Spr. Morrison 1 Troop Gordon McLeod
Argosy Aircraft at RAF LeucharsSome of 3 Troop at RAF leuchars    RAF  Leuchars
  RAF Leuchars
RAF Leuchars Captain Alan Parker OC 3 Tp.  Servicing PWCs. Westdown Camp 1962   RAF Leuchars
  Belize 1965  Belize 1965 /Belize 1965  Belize 1965
  Belize 1965  Belize 1965  BelizeGordon McLeod and others having a bath. Belize
Belize 1965 Ex. Pole Vault Belize 1965. Sappers G. Mee, P. Thornet, McBride and W. Hughes.  Sgt.Macintosh Public Relations3 Troop Pers. at Nassau  1965
  Bert Mcbride and Peter Thornet  BelizeJungle Camp British Honduras -Willie Hughes and Gordon McLeodWillie Hughes in Belize 1965Belize 1965
Nassau Airfield 1965Bert McBride, Gordon McLeod and Sgt. McIntosh -  Belize  Belize  Belize
  Preparing to launch potoons for Heavy Ferry Wyke Regis 1964.Preparing to launch potoons for Heavy Ferry Wyke RegisWike Regis Trg. Camp 1964Heavy Ferrying Wyke  Regis 1964 
Heavy Ferry Wyke Regis 1964 Wyke Regis Trg. Camp 1964. H. Craig, , Dave Smith, John Lonergan,  Wyke Regis 1964Wyke Regis 1964 

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