Airborne Engineers Association

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Inaugural meeting of Edinburgh Branch, now AEA Scotland, 20 September 1998 1st Annual General Meeting 24 October 1999. Ian Thomsom, Kim Panton, Brian McKean, John Donaldson, Jim Lowder, Mike Ellery. Rear Row. Ronnie Drummond, Mick Walker, Charlie Imrie, Dougie Archibald, Dick Barton.2nd AGM 19 November 2000 6th AGM 21 November 04
7th AGM 20 November 2005 8 AGM 19 November 20069 AGM 18 November 2007 10th AGM 16 November 208 
11 AGM 15 November 2009 12 AGM 21 November 2010 13th AGM 20 November 2011 . L. to R. Rear Row- Hugh McPhee, Kenny Wratten, Jim Simpson, Ron McCartan, David Brock, Andy Paterson, Norrie Bishop, Craig McQuade, Alec McWhirter, John Donaldson.Center Row- Mick Walker,  Brian Earl, Gil Nicol, Ronnie Drummond, Ross Stevenson, Andy Mullen. Front Row-Dougie Archibald, Roy Kay, Frank Murray, Kim Panton, Ray Mannion and Gordon McLeod. 14th AGM 18 November 2012 Rear-Alec McWhirter, Andy Paterson, Craig McQuade, Gordon McLeod, Kim Panton, David Brock, Frank Murray, Tom Ormiston, Dougie Archibald, Jimmy Simpson, Ron McCarton, John Donaldson.Front-Gil Nicol, Andy Mullen, Raymond Mannion, Norrie Bishop, Peter Watt, Roy Kay. 
Front. Brian Earl, Andy Mullen, Gil Nicol, Mick Walker, Roy Kay, Jim Simpson, Frank Murray, Kim Panton. Rear. Ronnie Drummond, Craig McQuade, Alex McWhirter, Bob Hamilton, Dougie Archibald, David Henderson, Andy Paterson, Ron. McCartan, John Donaldson, Norrie Bishop, David Brock, Gordon McLeod.  Airborne Engineers Association Scotland 16th AGM 16 November 2014. AEA Scotland 17 AGM 15 November 2015 AEA Scotland 18th AGM 20 November 2016. 
19 AGM 19 November 2017 21 AGM 17 November 2019. Ronnie Drummond accepting the Presidents Commendation from Dougie Archibald 18 November 2018_
Ronnie Drummond with South Korean Decoration and Proclamation Ronnie Drummonds South Korean Decoration and Proclamation
Ronnie Drummonds South Korean Decoration Members of 300 Para Sqn RE who were at Al Milah, Radfan in April 1965 Renaming Ceremony, Kingsbury 12 April 2016 AEA(S) Meeting 16 March 2014 
 John Donaldson receiving his Presidents Comendation Certificate from AEA Scotland Chairman Frank Murray on 20 November 2011. John Donaldson receiving a bottle of malt whisky from Kenny Wratten courtesy of Eoin McIntyre on 20 November 2011 Jim Simpson receiving his Presidents Commendation Brooch from AEA Scotland  Chaiman Frank Murray  on 20 November 2011 Field of Remembrance, Edinburgh 7 November 2011- L-R. Kim Panton, Gil Nicol, Dougie Archibald, Craig McQuade, Norrie Bishop, John Donaldson, Ronnie Drummond.
Andy Cuthbert, Jim Hendrickson and Dougie Archibald.Sgts. Gibby Earl and John Donaldson, Barry Buddon Harry Adams, George Muir, John Donaldson, Bob Conroy and Dougie Norman 20 April 2001 Belhaven Brewery Visit along with P.R.A
Ballooning at Tarrant Rushton 1966 

S/Sgt. John Donaldson Tarrant Rushton 1966 

RAF Turnhouse early 1960s.S/Sgt.John Donaldson - APJI Duties. 
Balloon Stick circa middle 1950s Members of 2 Troop 300 Sqn in the 50s. Many are no longer with us. 2 Troop soiree early 1960sJohn Houliston, Gerry Turnbull, Jim Lowder, Dick Barton and Andy Cuthbert 
Chatham 1959Tom  Turner, Ian Davidson and John Donaldson in OZ.  

 John Houliston, Jim Lowder, John Donaldson, Dick Barton and Andy Cuthbert.

Ronnie Drunmmond, Charlie Imrie, John Donaldson Circa late 50s - When we were young.300 Sqn enroute to Cyprus 1963Rear row- Adam Forbes,  Bill Raeburn ,Pat Scott, Mel Winton, Peter Watt and Lt. Allan Davidson.Front Row-Frank Campbell, Andy Cuthbert, John Donaldson and Tam Smith. Morphou DZ 1963.Dick Barton, Kim Panton, Tom Turner, John Donaldson Circa early 60s 

Dick Barton, Tam Smith, John Houliston and John Donaldson Dhekelia Camp 1963

Morphou DZ Cyprus 1963.Dougie Norman, John Donaldson, Andy Cuthbert, Bob Conroy, Dougie Archibald, Brian McKean, Dick Barton and John Houliston at Kyrenia 1963. 2 Troop 300 Para Sqn RE Dhekelia Camp Cyprus 1963 
Dhekalia Cyprus 1963Famagusta, Cyprus 1963Famagusta Harbour, Cyprus 1963. Dhekelia Cyprus 1963 - Lto R. Dick Barton, Brian McKean, John Roberts and John Whittern.
Preparing for Cutter Race, Famagusta Harbour Cyprus, 1963.Dougie Norman, Adam Forbes, Dick Barton, John Houliston. Cyprus 1963Cyprus 1963

 Kyrenia 1963. Peter Watt, Dougie Archibald, John Whittern, John Houliston. In front Charlie Dick and Gibby Earl.

Cyprus 1963Brian McKean and Gibby EarlVic Murray, Ian Davidson, Dick Barton and Kim Panton1 Tp. 300 Para Sqn Re at Barry Buddon 1960 - Rear Row-D.Smellie, G.Sewell,  Morrison.  Middle Row-F.Murray, D.Smith, D.Burns, R.Less, D.Robertson, Clarkson, S.Moffat. Front Row-?  ?  Egan, A.Mowatt, J.Martin, D.Martin.
131 Para Engr. Regt Guard inspection Wyke Regis 1954.131 Para Engr Regt. marching through Weymouth 1954. Salute taken by Major General Rome GOC 16 AB Div.Beverley at RAF Abingdon 1958.Wyke Regis 1958
300 Parachute Field Squadron RE. Wyke Regis Camp Weymouth 1958.1958 T.A. Golden Jubilee - Queens Park, Edinburgh Spr. J. Peat, Lt. Bob Thomson, Sgt. George Muir, L/Cpl. Ronnie Drummond.13  Oct 1966 York Place - R. Mannion, I. McIntyre, A. Cockburn and Lt. F. Murray. Wyke Regis- Andy Mullen,  Dai Rees and  Sammy Doak.
2 Troop get together.Kim Panton, Ian Davidson, Dick Barton at Wyke Regis Bridging Camp.Kim Panton at Wyke Regis /Kim Panton and Tom Turner.
 Recruits Course, Drip Camp Stirling 1968  131 Indep. Para. Sqn. RE Recruits Course 1968  Some of the gang at Barry Buddon Circa early 60s. Dougie Norman, Dennis Innes, Vic Murray, Bob Conroy and Bill BennettTom Turner in happier times 
Garden of Remembrance Edinburgh 5 November 2012  Equipment check Clean fatigue balloon descent circa late 50s 131 Officers Mess Circa 1955
Charlie Imrie 1 in Cyprus with 9 Para Sqn RE Charlie Imrie 2 in Cyprus with 9 Para Sqn RE Charlie Imrie 3 in Cyprus with 9 Para Sqn RE   Sgts' Mess - 131 Airborne Engineer Regiment.
Charlie Imrie 5 in Cyprus with 9 Para Sqn RE  Charlie Imrie 6 in Cyprus with 9 Para Sqn RE  Charlie Imrie 7 in Cyprus with 9 Para Sqn RE  Charlie Imrie 4 in Cyprus with 9 Para Sqn RE
Charlie Imrie 9 with 9 Para Sqn RE in  Charlie Imrie 10 with 9 Para Sqn RE in Cyprus  Charlie Imrie 11 with 9 Para Sqn RE in Cyprus  Charlie Imrie 8 in Cyprus with 9 Para Sqn RE
Charlie Imrie 13 with 9 Para Sqn RE in Cyprus Charlie Imrie 12 with 9 Para Sqn RE in Cyprus Eoghann maclachlainns Basic Parachute Course 1954 Jimmy Simpsons Funeral, Dunfermline 12 March 2014.
300 Troop  Preparing for parachute Descent at RAF Turnhouse  1967-1968_small.jpg 300 Troop Preparing for parachute Descent at RAF Turnhouse 1967-1968 2_small.jpg Aldershot 1963. Front left Godon McLeod, second left rear William Connelly.  

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