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Presentation of General Service Medal 1962 with Clasp South Arabia at Edinburgh Castle 16 December 2018.
Major General Michael Lawrence Riddell-Webster CBE DSO presenting former Captain Eoghann maclachlainn with the GSM with Clasp South Arabia at Edinburgh Castle on 16 December 2018  Captain Eoghann maclachlainn with Major General Michael Lawrence Riddell-Webster CBE DSO /Aden Veterans of Al Milah 1965 with Bob Masson Aden Veterans of Al Milah 1965 with Bob Masson
Group Photo taken at the Presentation of GSM with Clasp South Arabia to Captain Eoghann maclachlainn on 16 December 2018 Group Photo taken at the Presentation of GSM with Clasp South Arabia to Captain Eoghann maclachlainn on 16 December 2018. John Donaldson and Captain maclachlainn Presentation of GSM with Clasp South Arabia to Captain Eoghann maclachlainn on 16 December 2018. John Donaldson, Eoghann and Joe Davidson.
Aden-Radfan 1965
Troops arriving at Khormaksor Airport, Aden 1965Len Pearson, Andy Mullen and Dave McCamley and others at the Watering Hole Radfan Camp Aden1965  Andy Mullen, Len Pearson, George McKay at the Watering Hole in Radfan Camp Aden 1965Some of 3 Troop ready for action at Radfan Camp Aden 1965
Gibby  Earl and some of 3 Troop at Radfan Camp Aden 1965A fine body of men. Radfan Camp Aden 1965Dick Barton poses for this pic at Radfan Camp, Aden.
Davy Henderson, John Stenton, Doug. Archibald, Lawrie Leach2 hopefuls by argosy Aden 1965Andy Mullen ready for an Argosy descent Aden 1965
Helivac on Dhala Road when truck overturned. Spr. Lawrie Leach taken to hospital in Aden.Sgt. John Donaldson (on 3 tonner) and Sgt. Gibby Earl.A camel bites the dust on the Dhala Road Aden 1965 On the Dhala Road enroute to Al-Milah Lt. Allan Davidson on the Dhala Road 1965 
Vehicle travelling from Aden to Radfan overturnred injuring Sapper Lawrie Leach.
Mick Walker and Bill Grant in disguise. Aden 1965.Gibby Earl, John Donaldson, Dougie Archibald, John Stenton and Ross Stevenson on the Dhala Road, Aden 1965.Big Beasties on the Dhala Road 1965John Donaldson, Bert Lesslie, ?, Dave Henderson, ?
?, Sgt. Gibby Earl, Cpl. Dougie Archibald, Sprs. Ross Stevenson and John Stenton Al-Milah 1965 - Having a break on the Dhala Road. Aden 1965   Having a break on the Dhala RoadGordon McLeod 300 Para Sqn RE Aden 1965 334S/Sgt. Jock Newton, Cpl. McCamley and Cpl. Andy Mullen
 Light  Aircraft on the airfield Al-Milah 1965 Major Peake greeeting Lt. Col. Semple and Brigadier ? at  Al-Milah Airstrip 1965. Cpl. Bert Leslie speaking to a visiting officer at Al-Milah Visiting Officer, Lt. Allan Davidson and S/Sgt Paul Scoble Al-Milah 1965
 Gordon McLeod having a chat to a visiting  Major General with Major Peake and Colonel Semple looking on. Major Peake, visiting officer and Colonel Semple Al-Milah  Major S. Peake with visiting Officers at Al-Milah work site 1965 SSM John Lonergan Al-Milah 1965
worksite at A--Milah 1965  Bert Leslie and Gibby Earl worksite at Al-Milah 1965  Worksite Al-Milah 1965Worksite at Al-Milah 1965 
Bil Grant and ? Al-Milah 1965  Heavy Plant at Al-Milah 1965  Sweeping the ranges for mines at Al-Milah 1965
Tony Sanders 3 tonner blown up by a mine at Al Milah 1965.
Some of 3 Troop taking a break out of the sun. Al-Milah 1965Sgt. Frank McCallum  and friends Al-Milah 1965Sgt. Gibbyy Earl and team building culvert Al-Milah 1965  Gibby Earl, Jim Davidson and others building a culvert at Al--Milah
  S/Sgt. Joe Malley cooling off in an S tank Aden 1965  Lt. Alan Parker Al-Milah 1965Andy Mullen and others posing with the locals at Al-Milah Camp  Radfan.  At the Ranges Al-Milah 1965
  Filling an S tank with water  Al-Milah 1965   SSM John Lonergan with local at Al-Milah 1965  Gordon McLeod, Cassidy and Andy Mullen at work site Al-MilahSSM John Lonergan 300 Para Sqn RE 1965
On the Dhala RoadCpl. Jim Davidson and his team Al-Milah 1965  A local with his camels Al-Milah 1965  Enroute to Al-Milah worksite 1965
  Gordon McLeod wondering what to do next. Al-Milah 1965Cpl. John Houliston Al-Mlah Worksite1965Cpl Wallace explaining the finer points of shuttering to Lt. Parker
Ferret at Al-Milah 1965  Michigan clearing rubble Al-Milah 196Identities requiredThe Dust Bowl Cinema Al-Milah Camp 1965 
  Lecture by WO2 at the ranges Al-Milah 1965 Smoke break at Al-Milah worksite 3 Troop with their name in stone Al-Milah 1965/Cpl. Hendry alias Gunga Din
Iain McIntyre Al-Milah, Radfan 1965Major Stanley Peake and Capt. E. maclachlainn beside a Ferret Armoured CarFerret Armoured Car DriverTug o War Contest Al-Milah
  Ssgt. Gibby Earl working on a Culvert at Al-Milah 1965 Cpl. Roy Wallace Al-Milah worksite 1965 Tug o War contest Al-Milah Camp 1965
Tug o War Contest Al-Milah 3  Tug o War Contest Al-Milah 1965 4   A view of the worksites at Al-Milah 1965 Sammy and Martin Al-Milah 1965
Tug o War Al-Milah 1965 Instruction for Tug o War Al-Milah 1965.  At the far end of rope Capt. maclachlainn, SSM Lonergan and Mel Winton. God Help Us (3 Troop) Al-Milah 1965 Trouble-Al-Milah 1965
Gordon McLeod Radfan 1965 Hughes, Greer, MacIntyre and Sammy-Al-Milah 1965Sgt. Frank MccallumGibby Earl working on his culvert
Dave McCamley and friends pose for a photo.Ferret Armoured Car Al-MilahRSM Revins and Cpl. Mel Winton Al-Milah 1965
Alec Mckeown  on his lonesome with a 31 set. Al-Milah 1965 Sapper Doak on a 62 set Al-Milah 1965Rugged RadfanJohn Houliston, Dougie Archibald,Graham Young and Willie Grant inspecting the wreck of a Commer 4x4 blown up by a mine. Al-MIlah 1965
Commer destroyed by a mine Al-Milah 1965Wreckage of 3 tonner which ran over a mine. Al-Milah 1965Eric Whitla, former member of 24 Field Sqn RE  standing next to the Commer at Al-Milah, was the driver of the vehicle when hit a mine. The passenger of the vehicle was injured but is now fit and well.Al-Milah Camp Radfan
Al-Milah 1965 Commer 4x4 after being driven over a mine.Another mined vehicle Dozer clearing rubble on the Dhala Road, Al-Milah Gibby Earl and John Donaldson - Al-Milah 1965
Sammy Doak Al-Milah 1965 Eddie and Lt. Parker Al-Milah 1965Bill Grant and team drilling holes in the rock for blasting, S/Sgt.  Scoble supervising.  Hughie Craig and John Martin inspecting bullet holes in tent.
Bill Grant with his Bren taking a break from protecting and posing for this pic. Work finished for another day at Al-Milah 1965 Al-Milah work site Damaged Commer being towed to Al-Milah.
Bill Grantt on stag.Eric in his Ferret Armoured Car. Ferret Scout Car on escort duties Dhala Road. F/Ground: Ferret on Stag at Al-Milah Camp perimeter. B/Ground: Rock out crop where Rebels fired on Al-Milah Camp 12 April 1965.
Al-Milah Village Radfan. Worksite on the Dhala Road at Al-Milah Al-Milah Camp Radfan.  Gordon McLeod, Jim Cassidy and Andy Mullen.
SSM John Lonergan Cyprus 1963Brian McKeanPlant Park, Al-Milah, Radfan.
SSM Lonergan at Al-Milah worksiteBathing after work Al-Milah 1965Radfan Camp Aden.Cleaning weapons Al-Milah 1965. Dick Barton and ??
300 Para Sqn R.E. Aden 1965 Finishing off a concrete raft. Aden 1966.Bert Lesslie cooling off
Eddie Sheering bricklaying Al-Milah worksite 1965   Dhala Road, Radfan April 1965
Dougie Archibald   minesweeping the Wadi at Al-Milah/Aden 1965 Maalla CemeteryMaalla Cemetery, Aden.1965  WO2 John Lonergans Funeral Detai 

Padre Kitt Kelly leading the funeral procession

W2 John Lonergans Funeral at Ma-allah Cemetery Funeral Party carrying SSM Lonergan's coffin Ma-Alla Cemetery, Aden. Pall Bearers on SSM John Lonergans funeral were L to R. Cpl. Bert Leslie, Cpl. Jim Davidson, Cpl. Dave McCamley and Cpl. Brian McKean. Others not shown in the picture are S/Sgt. Paul Scoble PSI, i/c party, Sgt John Donaldson, Cpl. Roy Wallace, Sgt. Brian McGarry and Cpl. Len Pearson.Padre Kit Kelly
Funeral Party 9Cpl. Brian McKean, Sgt. John Donaldson and Ssgt. Paul ScobleFuneral Party 6Funeral Party 5
Funeral Party 4Cpl. Brian McKean,Cpl. Dave McCamley, Cpl. Jim Davidson, Cpl. Bert  Leslie with  Lt.Col. Semple in the background.   Padre Kit Kelly, to his right S/Sgt. Paul Scoble, Sgt. John Donaldson, Cpl. Roy Wallace, Sgt. Brian McGarry and Cpl. Len Pearson.

Funeral of SSM John F Lonergan 300 Para. Sqn RE  and Sgt. Cyril J Atfield RAPC. Ma-alah Cemetery Aden 13 April 1965

Funeral Party 2Lowering the coffinRoyal Anglian Firing PartyRoyal Anglian Firing Party 2
Lt. Col. Semple paying his respectsCapt. Docherty paying his respectsSgts Pat Scott, Hughie Craig and Cpl. Dougie Archibald paying their respectsBert Leslie, Gus Patterson and Vic Murray paying their respects
300 Sqn paying their respects 2Sgt Hughie Craig and Ssgt. Jock Newton paying their respectsGordon McLeod paying his respect
Major Samuels paying his respectsCpl. Roy Wallace, gt. Brian McGarry and Cpl. Dave McCamley paying their respects.Aden 1965 Maalla Cemetery- Members of 3 Troop filling in WO2 John Lonergans Grave while the Arab Grave Digger looks on. SSM John Lonergan's Grave, Ma-alah Cemetery, Aden 1965.
WO2 John Lonergans Headstone, Maalla Cemetery, Aden. Photograph supplied courtesy of Steve Rogers, The War Graves Photographic Project.
This is The Happy Warrior
This is He That Every Man
In Arms Should Wish To Be
Plot N Grave 32

Maalla Cemetery, Aden. Photograph supplied courtesy of Steve Rogers ,The War Graves Photographic Project.


SSM John Francis Lonergan

Khormaksar Hospital Aden 1965Aden 1965 - Relaxing by the poolOn the road home. Andy Mullen and co.Ssgt. Dennis Scott and Les Dunsford Aden 1966.
John Stenton and Tom Turner Aden 1966. Aden 1966 Brian McKean, John Stenton and Bill Grant The Herald 20 March 2017
The Herald 20 March 2017     

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