Airborne Engineers Association

Basic Para Course, RAF Abingdon February 1958.RAF Abingdon 19583 Troop-Andy Paterson, Alec McWhirter, Dave McCamley, Jim Cassidy, Ian McIntyre and others.Sticked up for Balloon Descent Barry Buddon.
Booby Trap lecture. Mel Winton, Harry Adams, Frank Campbell and Brian Young. Cpl. Charlie Dick, centre, teaching engineering skills at Barry Buddon circa early 60s. also in the picture is Cpl. Stewart Smith, Sappers Frank Campbell and Young.
 Sapper W. Grieve using a Gap Measuring Instrument at Barry Buddon circa early 60s. ( The teaching of engineering skills would normally take place when parachuting was cancelled).


Sport Parachuting at Carlisle Carlyle Airport circa late 50s. L to R Dick Barton, Andy Cuthbert, Dougie Archibald and John Donaldson waiting to do their first static line descent from 3000 feet with Scottish Parachute Club. (Having packed their own parachutes}.
 French Army Officers Trg. Camp St. Cyr.French Army Officers Trg. Camp St. Cyr.Trg. Excercise in France. 
   Germany circa 1962. Laying a necklace of dummy Hayrick shaped charges on a rail bridge high above the River Weser, which was not an easy task. 
 Otterburn Trg. Area.Gibby Earl trying to knock some sense into John Donaldson, Otterburn Trg Area.  Otterburn Camp circa late 50s. L to R standing ?, Brian young, Brian McKean, Adam Forbes, seated,  W. Grieve, John Donaldson, Joe McIntosh and Jim Lowder with the bottle.  
  Wyke Regis?  Lifting a Heavy ferry Pontoon from the water   
 Heavy Ferry. Bill Bennett and Jim Roberston Safety Tug Boat at Rhu on the Firth of Clyde during exercise on Heavy Ferry. circa late 50s Lt. Stewart OC 2 Troop furthest aft on starboard side. 
   Bill Raeburn, Charlie Imrie, Stewart Smith, Jim Lowder, Bert Lesslie, John Whitern, Allan Davidson. Early 60s.Theo Henderson making lunch. 
 WO2 Wimp Martin, Barry Budden. Wyke Regis circa 64. Cutter Race. Nearest the camera L to R. Theo Henderson (with French Navy hat), John Donaldson, Gibby Earl, Dave McCamley. Major Robin Ward on port side facing the cameraWO2 John Lonergan and Major Robin Ward  - Weymouth 1964. On the Hard Wyke Regis. 
John Donaldson, Old Tom, Kim Panton, George McKay, Dick Barton and Ted Hoare. Theo Henderson and Charlie Imrie at Wyke Regis  Blackburn Beverley in non parachuting roll.
Balloon Descents Barry BuddonSelection Course Aldershot 1Selection Course 2Selection Course Aldershot 3. A young Alex McWhirter, Les Dunsford, the late Tom Turner and Ray. Mannion can be seen in this picture.
Selection Course 5/Selection Course 6 Selection Course 7  Aldershot
Selection Course 8Selection Course 9Selection Course 10Selection Course 11 
 Selection Course 12   Selection Course 13Selection Course 14  Andy Paterson, Andy Mullen and Gil Nicol striding out here.
3 September 1964 Basic Parachute Course Weston on the Green 30 April 1965 Spr. Andy Gemmell at Barry Buddon
30 May 1965 3 Troop at Barry Buddon. 30 April 1965 Spr. Andy Gemmell at Barry Buddon Black Bog Northern Ireland 7 August 1966.
Spr. Andy Gemmell with others from 3 Troop. 300 Para Sqn. RE. 1964 Cpt. Eoghann maclachlainn, Cpl. Len Pearson and Spr. Joe Dow. Lts Dave Stewart, Eoghann maclachlainn and Capt Bob Thomson February 1959 Members of 1 Troop 300 Para Sqn RE 1
Members of 1 Troop 300 Para Sqn RE Spr Andy Cooper, Cpl Alex Cockburn, Spr Ron Wrega, Spr Ken Beyer setting up Beehive.    

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